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AriaWest, International (affiliated with MediaOne International)   

John Vondras, Managing Director ; Ernest W. Tuttle, CFO   +61 (21) 739-8222  (Jakarta, Indonesia)  

Detailed business case for net revenue potential of a new services network in Indonesia. Simulation

forecasting model of customer values and demands for telephony, PCs, and multimedia in Indonesia.

A T & T Wireless   

Mike Salaiz    +1-303-573-3128  

New design for a Colorado network, demonstrating > 20% immediate savings in monthly costs of leasing

DS1 and DS3 facilities for backhaul of cellular traffic, with much larger potential future savings as

additional hubs are added. 

 AT&T Wireless National Planning    

Peter Neill, National Manager of Capacity Planning     +1-425-580-6290   

Two-day workshop on integrated demand forecasting, capacity planning, and network design and

optimization. This workshop brought together a dozen executives from marketing, RF engineering,

network planning, and finance to develop a more effective planning process for AT&T Wireless's entire

set of operations.  

Level 3 Communications   

Russ Rushmeier    303-926-3213    

Graphic User Interface to Strategic Pricing Model (October, 1999) 



Dave Pezzutti     303-858-3169     

Identified and quantitatively evaluated systems and IT options for reducing service provisioning delays   


Dr. Silver Miller, Director of Pricing Strategy    +1-972-337-3115   

New causal forecasting method for predicting customer demand and load growth on PCS base stations.

Redback Networks   

Mark Jencks, Product Manager NetPlanner    +1-720-932-7160   

Network optimization suite for card-level configuration and deployment of Redback SmartEdge. 


Sprint Corporation   

Magesh Srinivasan, Network Planning    +1-913-534-5890  

Delivery of a SONET ring planning tool used for legacy and next generation ADM and DCS modeling

for Sprint national network.  Delivery of a DWDM Mesh topology planning tool used for OXC and

DWDM modeling for Sprint national network.

 Sprint Corporation   

Mike Johnson, Network Planning    +1-913-534-2551    

Metropolitan dark fiber network optimization tool for studying the economic tradeoff between purchasing

dark fiber facilities, leasing facilities from the LEC, and using available capacity from existing

microwave and SONET ring transport facilities.    

Sprint PCS   

Dr. Dean Sirovica, Director of Switch and Interconnect    +1-714-623-5561  

Backhaul network optimization for a small city, saving over 12% of monthly backhaul costs. Demand

forecasting, engineering cost, and optimization model of switch capacity requirements, network load

growth, and facilities planning and optimization. Identified 10% potential savings in switch module costs. 


TCI (now A T & T Broadband and Internet Services)    

Paul Ernst    +1-303-267-7442   

Analyzed data from over 400 cable franchises to identify clusters of factors that best predict customer

satisfaction and behavior.  Applied data mining algorithms to survey data to identify specific groups of

customers who are most likely to (a) Upgrade to digital cable service; and (b) Purchase combined cable

and long-distance services from AT&T/TCI.   


U S WEST Advanced Technologies   

Richard Berger, Director, Mathematical and Statistical Modeling    +1 (303) 541-4066

Simulation model showing how technician appointment-scheduling processes can be revised to reduce

delays experienced by customers without increasing operating costs. Simulation model and analysis of

Megabit Service Delivery processes.  Web-based (JAVA) graphic user interface for browsing and

displaying trunking network reliability data and forecasts.

U S WEST Advanced Technologies

Scott Parrish    +1-303-541-6015  

Discrete-event simulation model of trouble ticket-handling process. Identified changes in process and

staffing that could reduce throughput delays by over 50%.

U S WEST Communications   

B.J. Deering, Director of Market Intelligence and Decision Support; Dr. Jovan Barac   +1-206-345-7932   

Causal forecasting and empirical validation of forecasts for access line growth in 14 states and for

customer attrition behavior in King County.  Data mining method and transition models for predicting

customer purchase behaviors and targeting products to customers. Identified 50% potential sales revenue

lift, based on survey data, by better statistical matching of product offers to customer needs.