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AlliedSignal Dave Paley    +1-973-455-3302    Statistical design of sampling procedures for residential soils surrounding a hazardous waste site. The new statistical methods, developed in cooperation with the regional EPA, helped to focus the investigation and produce high-quality data for decision-making at far less cost than would have been expected using older sampling designs.     American Petroleum Institute (API)    Pat Beatty    510-242-7037    Simulation model of the hematotoxic effects of drugs such as cyclophosphamide on stem cell populations in the bone marrow and more mature blood cell populations in the marrow and in circulating blood. The model has been shared with other scientists and hematologists and used to make useful predictions that were subsequently confirmed by experiments in mice.   Engine Manufacturer's Association    Glenn Keller, Executive Director    312-644-6610x3549;    Biostatistical review and comments on causal and epidemiological relationships between diesel exhaust exposure and human lung cancer. Major findings, including absence of an apparent causal relationship, were presented to the Clean Air Science Advisory Committee (CASAC) in May of 1998. The attached report contains detailed comments and up-to-date technical references, including many web links. These comments generally support CASAC's decision to have EPA revise their draft risk assessment and offer constructive suggestions for new methods and approaches that can help to overcome limitations in earlier risk assessments.  See the attached report for more information.     Exxon Biomedical Sciences, Inc.    Dr. Michael Bird    732-873-6067    Advanced software prototypes for (a) Detecting patterns in large databases to help predict the likely health effects of chemicals; and (b) Rapid exploratory simulation of stochastic models of carcinogenesis using different assumptions about cytotoxic and cell proliferation potencies of chemicals and their metabolites.  Others: American Industrial Health Council (AIHC); ARCO; Arthur D. Little, Inc.; California Department of Health Sciences; Chemical Manufacturer’s Association (CMA); ENSR Engineering and Consulting; Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company; International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Mobil Oil Corporation; Monsanto; PACE (Canadian Petroleum Association); U S Department of Agriculture; Wastren; Western States Petroleum Association