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Dr. Cox Elected to National Academy

of Engineering, 2012

In 2012, Dr. Cox was elected to the National Academy of Engineering, in recognition

of "applications of operations research and risk analysis to significant national

problems."  More Info Here 

Best Paper Award, 2011

A paper on computational modeling of Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD)

won a 2011 Best Paper Award from the Society for Risk Analysis at The

paper describes the onset and progression of this lung disease in terms of a cascade of

activations of physiological feedback loops. The paper is available from:

Improving Terrorism Risk Analysis

A collection of papers on Advances in Terrorism Risk Analysis, co-edited by Tony

Cox and Michael Greenberg, has been made available for free by the publisher, John

Wiley & Sons, at: Wiley Online Library

New Book on Risk Analysis of Complex Systems

In 2009, Springer published a new book, summarizing recent research at Cox

Associates on Risk Analysis of Complex and Uncertain Systems.  The book

introduces principles of good risk assessment and effective risk management for

social, biological, and engineering systems that are too complex or too uncertain to

model in detail, and demonstrates the practical application of these methods to

important, challenging problems such as terrorism, telecommunications network

design, import risks, carcinogen risk assessment, and antibiotic resistance.

Innocentive Award, 2008

In 2008, Dr. Cox's proprietary solution to a challenge on “Statistical Methods to

Predict Clinical Response” won an InnoCentive Award from Eli Lilly  The solution applied data mining and modeling methods

originally developed by Cox Associates for predicting the future behaviors of

telecommunications customers, to predict more quickly and accurately the clinical

responses of patients to therapeutic treatments based on multiple markers of

responses at early time points.

Over the last three years, Cox Associates has achieved breakthrough results in projects completed in each of its practice areas.  In addition, we've been awarded a number of patents in areas related to our practice.  To view summaries of our activities or to read about our patents, click on the link below for the appropriate discipline. 
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