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Cox Associates provides advanced analytic and operations research services, decision support software and consulting services to assist businesses maximize revenues and reduce operations costs. Today, most companies spend more than they need while getting less than they should from their customers. Cox Associates' professionals can help.

Cox Associates develops and applies advanced statistical and mathematical modeling software for clients in the telecommunications, insurance, financial services, and pharmaceutical markets. We help companies understand how to target markets, analyze end user behavior and serve demand more efficiently.

Cox Associates offers consulting services, data analysis, and decision support software in the following areas:

Demand Forecasting and Capacity Planning

Network Optimization and Design

Customer Datamining and Predictive Modeling

Health Risk Analysis

Applied Statistics

Since 1986, Cox Associates has developed exceptionally successful technical approaches and a proven track record in each area that sets us apart from our competitors. Cox Associates' unique approach to providing innovative decision support software is provided below:

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